What do we do?

As it has often done in the past, the Archdiocese of Suceava and Rădăuți now offered to help with the new crisis: 100 000€ were spend to purchase two main COVID-19 testing pieces of equipment as well as to provide 2 000 test kits.

But Suceava needs more. And won’t stop to stop here.

United in grief is a platform that, under the guidance of the Church, brings together volunteers who have two objectives:

1. To support the medical staff in Suceava with safety facilities and equipment;

2. To support vulnerable people (the elderly, the sick, the helpless) with food and medicines at their homes.

Be united in grief! We help Suceava!

And, after all these will be history, the ‘sweet’ Bukovina will welcome you again on its realm, with much love!

Active volunteers
Donations till now

The progress of our first 100 000 € goal

‘And it seems indeed to be a sort of equal recompence, but it is a far greater thing than the act of goodness. For whereas they themselves show mercy as men, they obtain mercy from the God of all; and it is not the same thing, man’s mercy, and God’s; but as wide as is the interval between wickedness and goodness, so far is the one of these removed from the other.’
Saint John Chrysostom