Together in grief

We are a group of volunteers who have come together to support even further the humanitarian actions of the Church.

The Church includes each and every one of us: not only bishops, priests, monks, but all of those who love and believe in God; and love and believe in people.

United in grief is a platform that brings together entrepreneurs, NGOs and whoever is animated by this belief and wants to get involved in the crisis generated by COVID-19.

The initiative group started from the Archdiocese of Suceava and Rădăuți, which was joined by the Provita Bukovina Association and the Orthodox Youth Association of Suceava. Our „home” is open to all those who can and want to join us.

United in grief emerged from the desire to help the impoverished ones; in the present situation, with priority, the medical staff from the main hospitals in Suceava county and the vulnerable persons affected by the crisis.

Our help is not only a material or financial one: we want to help the souls as well and inspire compassion, altruism, and hope.

We believe in:

  • the power working together
  • the generosity of others
  • the hope that is born by a good deed

Above all, we believe that God is love and that He will send his peace, healing and joy by seeing the love we have for one another.

  • Str. Iancu Flondor, nr. 2, Suceava

  • facebook/alaturilagreu

  • (+40) 752 400 542





The progress of our first 100 000 € goal


”Nothing can draw my heart so near to God, as mercy”

St. Isaac of Syria